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Who is Monica Main?

Entrepreneur and Author Monica Main is a "serial" entrepreneur, investor, and millionaire.  Due to an unfortunate marriage, she ended up in debt after her ex-husband took our fraudulent credit cards and loans on her name, forcing her into bankruptcy in 2003.  It was during this time when she had to "think outside the box" by getting her personal credit back on track if she had a chance in investing in real estate like she wanted to.  She found that by reading tons of books on the topic of "credit repair," all the books had the same redundant and ineffective advice for people trying to fix their credit.  So, through the "school of hard knocks" of years of experimentation, she was able to develop a tested and proven set of strategies to fix and rebuild personal credit in the fastest amount of time possible!  This works for ANYONE with a Social Security Number who has a new or bad personal credit rating.  As long as you're willing to put in the basic steps needed (and each step is really easy to do), ANYBODY can boost up their personal FICO score within no time at all.  Since our entire world is run on credit, you MUST have an excellent credit rating if you want to buy a house, buy a car, get a loan, purchase income properties, build wealth with OPM, and even to secure your dream job or to build a business!  You need credit for EVERYTHING so now is the time to start fixing and rebuilding your credit rating ASAP!  There's no better time than to start RIGHT NOW!  If you don't, you'll regret wasting this precious time!  Get started TODAY!
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